About Us

Batson’s Foliage Group, Inc. was born in the fall of 2006. The company is owned by Tim Howard and Kelley Batson Howard. At first glance, Batson’s Foliage Group may appear to be a young company, but this is actually a company steeped in a long history and tradition in the foliage industry. Kelley was born and raised in the business and worked many years for her father Gene Batson at Batson’s Greenhouse, Inc. Tim came into the company in 1997 when the couple married.

Batson’s Foliage Group, Inc. offers a wide variety of products in 2”, 3”, 4”, 6, 8” and 10” pot sizes. We eagerly mix, match, and assort cases in order for you to have the selections on hand that you need for your customers. Our goal is to make doing business with us easy. You need it? We will do our best to see you get what you need so you will be successful with our product.

Batson’s has always been a trendsetter and a forward thinking company. And, staying true to its history, in 2011 Batson’s added a new line of products we call Ittie Bittiestm.  That product line has been very successful and we are continuing to grow and expand it as the market demands.

In 2012 Batson’s launched the Easy 10 Tropicalstm  program that delivers 10 boxes of retail ready assorted foliage to your door. That program is continuing to grow and is gaining momentum.  Our ability to FedEx product to your door makes it possible to buy in small increments so no customer in the marketplace is left unserved. We are happy to take your order for just one case or 100 cases. They are all important to us.

Batson’s Foliage Group, Inc. is a for profit company and we insist on certain profit margins in order to operate. We are not always the least expensive supplier in the market place, but we do strive to make certain that you get the best quality plant and service available for the dollars you give to us. We feel if we run our business in a profitable way, we will be here for many years to come to serve you. When we take you on as a customer, we want to build a long term relationship with you not just have you pass through on the way to another place. We want you to join our family of satisfied customers. Batson’s is a supplier you can depend on for great quality plants, good customer service and to make you feel at home. Come, join our family! We look forward to getting to know you!