Ittie Bitties

What are Ittie Bittiestm?

Ittie Bittiestm are a  2″ assorted mix of plants that includes 8 – 11 varieties that are good for terrariums, fairy gardens, living walls, or small plantings. They ship growers choice. You may receive any combination of plants from the items shown below.  And there is a possibility you may receive something not photographed as we are always adding new items to the assortment. Sorry, we cannot accommodate straight cases at this time. We offer several mixes: Ittie Bittietm Foliage, Ittie Bittietm Ferns, Ittie Bittietm Succulents.

 How can I use Ittie Bittiestm?

They are perfect for building Terrariums and Fairy Gardens or even as  free standing miniature gifts. You can use them to create ready-made terrariums and gardens or display them so your customers can be creative and build their own.

How do we get IttieBittiestmto you?

Ittie Bittiestm can ship via FedEx ground.  We ship them each Monday and Tuesday so they arrive to you by Friday PM at the latest. We simply charge you the estimate FedEx gives us when we input the shipping information you give to us. Standard boxing cost is $8.00.  Winterized boxing is $15.00 (all orders must be winterized if temperatures will fall below 50 degrees on any night your shipment is in transit.) Minimum shipment is one case of 88.

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